Conference: share challenges and explore solutions

Valve World Asia Conference aims at the hot topics in the development of the industry, as well as the main challenges faced by players to carry out inter-industry discussions, and create a professional communication platform to make business communication more accurate and indepth. The organizer presets various forms of discussion: special lecture, sub-forum discussion, group discussion, interactive Q&A and so on. The seminar aims to create a global community of professionals in the valve industry, providing an ideal platform for people in the valve industry to solve problems, gain contacts and find business opportunities.

The main conference topics:

• New valve designs

• Leaking detection/Fugitive emissions

• Maintenance and repair

• Control valves

• Sealing technology

• Castings, forgings, materials

• Global valve manufacturing trends

• Procurement strategies

• Actuation

• Safety equipment

• Standardisation and conflicts between valve standards

• VOCs control & LDAR regulations in China

• Export and import

• Refinery and Chemical plant applications

• Energy Transition

• Industry trends

The main fields of application:

• Chemical industry

• Petrochemical/refinery

• Pipeline industry


• Offshore and oil & gas

• Power generation

• Green energy

• Pulp & paper

The two-day conference program is packed with various technical sessions, workshops, panel discussions and keynote presentations. If you want to present at our technical sessions, please answer our Call for Papers. Submit an abstract (between 300-500 words), outlining your topic and the relevance for the industry. Our Steering Committee will be involved in grading your abstract. We will communicate in time whether your abstract has been accepted.

Please send your abstract to the conference coordinator Ms. Laura WANG by e-mail at